umm. i die?

2 bad i literally have eighty dollars to my name right now. FUUUCK.


WildFlower said...

Holy shit these are bangin! I just got some studded harley D boot/clog thingys that are sorta this style...these take it to the next level. argh...i wish i was rich but rich girls make me sick double argh!!

Melina Monster said...

omg! let's die together. these shoes are gorgeous!!!

Aleisha Z said...

Oh my!!! Solestruck is heaven! I want i want, but i'm with yet i have even less to my name :(


Rackk and Ruin said...

god damn those are good lookin!

K8 said...

155 actually isn't that bad...but I hear ya, I'm broke as well and constantly seeing shoes that I want...definitely fuuuuuck :(

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