Oh. Shit.

Oh Kewel, something new to lust after that I can't afford. Or rather, I could afford it, but I'm living in nyc for the next two months and should probably spend the 65 bones on borsht and good times instead. I think I saw this over at Dracula's Teeth.  It's Barnaby Black, and most of the stuff is  kinda too bro for me, but the black metal collection is pretty rad. Check it.


Jade and Laura said...

i think we deserve an adore ya know.
erm NYC. stay there until april? ima comingggggggg


okay $65 for a shirt is much but it is GREAT.

Brigitte said...

badass shirt
sucks that everything is so pricey :(

Obscura said...

The design was done by my friend Justin Bartlett. He does a lot of the designs for Black Metal bands...he also did the logo and design for Anti Jeans Sweden.

You should check out his blog! It's on my blgroll:
vberkvlt. His own shirts aren't quite as expensive!


Rackk and Ruin said...

No way! NYC for a couple months! Luckyyy

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