love yew loveu love eu all

but I'm working nonstop and have NO time 4 blogging. Will still try to update once n a while, but, it shall be seldom.

see you soon, but not so soon


My exboyfriends would love this

All Tomorrows Parties

The birds are confused. They've forgotten how to fly, or where, or something. I want to go and hang out with a bunch of friends I don't have, and make small sad conversations and drink during the day and do drugs I've already done. Drugs I don't even really want to do. I want to live another life for a little while. Go to parties that don't exist. Drive cars I don't know how to drive and travel down streets in shoes that are too big and too expensive and utterly not me. I want to be a tall thin blonde with very little going on inside my head. I want to get a manicure and piss myself laughing. I want to know people who've shit the bed and don't care and think its funny, because it is. A man in an SUV called out to me. I didn't make eye contact. A seagull flew straight into his windshield. I walked home.

That is something I wrote that is not true. Or maybe it is. Maybe its a character, or maybe its me. I don't know. I'm eating utz red hot flavored chips because I couldn't find flaming hots. Woe is me indeed.


70's poolside

Miss Unkon

Going through a buncha shit right now. Things are hard but will, undoubtedly get better. I have faith.


Opening Ceremony Resort

Who cares if chloe sevingy is modeling. I don't. She looks good, but uh, I don't. LOOKIT THESE SHOES THAT IM SURE ARE GOING TO COST SO MUCH MONEY BUT I HAVE A JOB AND UGH.

maybe you wanna go halfsies?



Currently bleeding all over my dorm's kitchen floor. Tried to clean up with alcohol wipes. Didn't work. Someone had to help me out and grab some t.p. I cut myself on a purse...this is SO a fashion BLAHG.
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