Fendi SS10

So pretty, but just a little tough...wouldn't mind dressing like this on the reg...but I'd have to have the tiny body and the milky skin. It's a little 70's lolita almost...I guess I do look about 13 anyway...

Favorite part...naturally...the shoes. So fragile but unexpected with that BIG platform.


Gaga loo

I LOVE this bitch. Plus I am hellof coveting thise shoes up above. Uh huh. Alright.

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effing tired of tiny images.

rachel zoe makes me want to be a better woman.



a thing

i need more velour in my life.

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sass unt bide

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I take eet all back, I take eet all back! A AND MK are killing it here.

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Nothing to do with Fashion.

This just tugged at the ole heart strings a smidge. I love my cat...and really, every animal I've ever met.




Just saw tavi et al in the wall st journal. Shocked, jelly, and in awe is an understatement.

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Odyn Vovk

Dress all the men in the world like this, with this smug ass look, and them lips.


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i want a perfect body. i want a perfect soul.

The search for the perfect long sleeved cream lace dress continues...and continues.
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God Damnit

I just realized I can't go out and get a nonfat vanilla latte/2 shots of espresso over ice w/ soymilk whenever I want. Man, eff middle of no where college campuses with one coffee shop in town and BAD baristas at the snack bar on campus.

Oh, also, I am a snob & a whiner.

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So effing rad.

100th post

And it is going to be about the olsen twinz. Or rather...a curious twist of events which has apparently unfolded invisably and then popped up and onto my computer screen leaving my faith in humanity and the world it's self shaken.
It is this:

Mary Kate Olsen is no longer the cute one.

I know, shocker. For a long time we have known ashley as the more sensible, less avant garde, straighter haired, neutral toned twin. But I have always loved MK's wack ass sense of style, as I know most of us have, much more than ashley's.

But lately...mk looks kinda funny. Like there is something up with her face...and I'm kind of...drawn to...ashley. Lookit:
Now, I know she is leaving the gym here, so I'm not expecting any miracles...but she just isn't as stunning as she once was eh? Lost the spark...and Ashley seems to have found it...checka dis:
Who are your eyes drawn to? Who is wearing the cooler shoes? WHY HAS A BECOME THE NEW MK!!??!!

MK B4:
Lookit that, she was so fierce...now she looks...bloated, and tired and...I just don't know. Wheres the fire Mk? WHERE!

Ashley's got it!

All pictures from Olsens Anon
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