You'll Float Too!

long live Tim Curry


Love it//

its a mystery why I don't follow this girl yet. LOVE this look. I've kind of been dying for an off white lace dress.

In the bag...

In the bag: Cell phone, old school pod, key chain w/ 3 lucky rabbit feets, wallet, memo pad for ideas on the go, revlon black cherry lipstick, a little vial of perfume, pen, sunglasses, truvia (addicted), oil pads (a plague, I know) and my school I.D.

Not uber glam, but essential none the less. give or take a bottle of water and a book or two.

4 Melina


yes yes yes yes yes. Hell yes.

DAMNZ I need leather pants. Got some @ Trash and Vaudeville but the damn things ripped within 25 minutes of wearing them (aka BS). Was able to return them 4 store credit luckily. maybe I should've gone up a size, what can I say, mah hipz don't lie...or, they do I guess.

One more thing: FUR MOTO JACKET. Outta control.

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rad combo

dying over black faux fur.
i forgot where this is from...?
"The fatter the general population, the thinner the idealized woman. And for all the public posturing and blogging, the only force that stopped people from buying clothes and magazines was the souring economy, not righteous indignation over skinny models. Fashion doesn't just reject the overweight and the obese. It also gives the average a hard time, too; it makes them worry about every cookie eaten at the end of a meal or every exercise commitment that goes unmet. Fashion is a purveyor of status. It is a badge of honor for having outrun, outfasted saddlebags — unless they are floral-printed and made by Dolce & Gabbana. Those who can indulge in fashion feel their prize is that much more valuable."
--Robin Givhan

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guess this is why I'm 120 lbs and on a diet huh?



I don't like Marc Jacobs's designs. There. I said it.

Rad rad rad

But this gal is 222222 skinny.

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Summer into Dust

Oh oh oh, Dig the flare for fall. Next purchase 4 sure.

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Hipster Goth Kids




long dresses 4 winter?

i like the photos i haven't seen everywhere else.


Psychotic Butterflies

So wearable, delicate and insane, as per usual, but this time better.
A McQ ss 10.

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