I have been listening to M. Manson on a loop, for the past week. I think it is REALLY starting to effect the way I dress. I wore a long black dress, my goat's head pendant and spiked booties with straightened hair and black eye makeup...uh oh. My buds said I looked like I was in mourning. Did I mention it was like 85 degrees? eh.

Image wise...I like early manson best...because he just looks awkward and slightly androgynous...but then he got kind of like ghetto goth, which was inventive...but didn't look all that rad.

I saw him in concert once...I wasn't even really into him, I just decided that I SHOULD go since he was coming through town...It was NOT a mistake. It was totally awesome. Maybe if he rolls through chicago or NYC anytime soon I'll take a trip.


Black Beauty

loves it

why are my pictures so teeny? It est annoying. I think I am going to change dis layout soon. Uh huh.

I LOVE this whole outfit. I wish I had twig legs instead of slightly curved legs...they make ERRRRY-thang look better.

Oh I want to be back home...in a city...thrift shopping.



EBAY!!! don't fail me now...

(Stella Mccartney Boots)


this has probs been sitting on my desktop forever. I like these dudes, they are ready to party and won't mind sharing the couch when it's time to crash. Bffs should dress matchy matchy sometimes...if they look this rad while doing it.

(via drop snap)

Some things

I have to write a six page paper today and am not feeling it. I am basically annoyed by EVERYONE these days and I think it has less to do with the fact that people are annoying and WAY more to do with the fact that I'm just fed up with my current situation.

My boyfriend is moving to NYC which is exciting (I get to visit NYC on the regular and he is living with someone I really like and care about) but totally heart breaking...(I won't get to be with him/ see him everyday and will be in a long distance relationship ugh)

I'm going home to chicago in a week and a half and I am excited, though I'm not totally sure why...probs because I miss my cat.

I lead an interesting life. (not)

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bestill my heart!

GOD DAMN you urban. You are going to drive a fiery hole through my meager library earning.

But srsly...these are so rad it is hard to believe they from where they are from...


woe is me

Alas. The end of an era is upon me. I had to remove my nipple ring due to some migration. (read: the middle of my nipple was no longer pierced, and the bottom was.)

We move on & remember (as my friend pointed out) there is always another nipple!



This first one is new at Urban and I kind of love it

This second one is an oldie but goodie and on sale for 10 dollars...what do you think...should I purchase? (now if only they weren't out of my size in those frye slingbacks!)

Although, maybe that first shirt would be over kill with mah new necklace...

haha, hell yeah.


No Eyebrows

via model couture



Oh Petra C from Junktown, you got it goin on girl. On trend and looking good while doin it.

via her lookbook

Never mind the obvious inspiration of Marilyn Monroe...It is so refreshing to see a model in a real magazine with curves, look how lovely those are! I suppose it's all about finding the balance between fit and curvy...but I know I've had trouble with body image in the past (and who am I kidding...now as well) and I get a little sick of rail thin sometimes...as attractive as it can be.

I think it is important to remember, for us bloggers, and women in general...because we are so swathed in images of very thin girls that that ideal isn't the only way to be beautiful, and eva proves that.

I was reading a blog today (which will go unnamed) and she was wearing thigh highs which didn't even grip her legs; that's how thin she was. Perhaps she is naturally that thin and then that's fine and great and maybe a little bit of an inconvenience, but if she isn't...if she has an eating disorder...it just goes to show that being skinny sometimes doesn't mean that clothes look good on you, and also...that there is a serious downside to being that thin...and that is being pretty fucking physically sick.

okay okay, rant over!

wait, one more thing...How come magazines always call fat girls "curvy"? They ain't curvy, eva is curvy, I'm curvy...they're fat & as physically unhealthy as too too skinny on purpose gals! Aye carumba!


Shamans & ebay

Feeling a change in style coming on. Maybe not though. I really love the look of native american things, or tribal things. It probs comes a little from my anthropology of art class and a little from the "if i had a heart" video by fever ray and maybe a little from the Bjiork wanderlust video. And then a lot from (sorry guys) Apocolypto...the costuming is so beyond rad in that movie.
But how to incorporate this into my personal style? Leather and feathers? Face paint and blouses? Headresses and bootstraps? I don't know. Doesn't feel right.

Probably will try to take this tribal inspiration to the doll zone, and make something for my mom (who is a shaman and think rocks can talk.) We shall see. & uh, as always...I'll keep you posted(zing!).

hellz yes.

(ebay findz, how rad is that shit?)



Wow. I thought these images, and this editorial in general, were pretty arresting. Find the rest here. Couldn't help but notice the tripp shoes (i think) that lulu was rocking about a year ago. Blogger love huh?

got my nipple pierced. omg.

via fashion copious


black & blue

all images via le fashion, which btw is an amazing blog.


glad I waited

(MKA has been rocking some shoes pretty similar too...)

LOVE them And...those wedges are a steal for 90 dollars. Only problem is that they don't ship until july. bummer.


influx of hottness

whats with all of the alt boy editorials? Not that I'm complaining...

via cartoon styles


aye carumba

My boy is sick. I decided to cheer him up with some short cake/ whipped cream/ strawberries & the skanky part (all the way on one side of my head)


aw man

what tha fuck am I wearing tonight?

(sartorialist 1000 yrs ago & maybe RackkandRuin)


Stay Gold

Title stealing (sorry dudes) but it's pretty apt.
This is also the way ALL boys should dress...and all gals skinny enough to pull it off.
I used to have a friend who had a knife with a banner across it that said stay gold. Pretty rad.
Too bad I'm pretty much allergic to tattoos, cuz I think I might have some good ones in mind these days...but after my botched 17 yr old decision I'm not going there again. K? Onto the pictures:


Oh-kay, time to save up for some lick my legs t shirts. They are so beyond rad.

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