Dead Shit

I love it!

Letz git reel guyz.

um k. well fer one I'm actually in love with this man. Even though he's like forty now and probz has a paunch. Fer two, I'm getting tired of all the babes at my school being taken/awkward/the objects of my friends desire (WHAT ABOUT MY DESIRE/unbearable loneliness/horn-town). And fer three, every time i think of my x I get nauseous. Thats new. Like I am literally afraid I'm am going to vom all ovr my litas. Which would make them moar punk rock so I guess thats chill. Maybe I'll just let'er rip, blow chunks next time. I hope he doesn't still read this...I kinda doubt it...but if he does well...hi, also ow.

but, i'm done with pain. actually, that's the funny thing. I decided I didn't want to hurt anymore this morning. I had about 5 minutes to do my makeup and put on clothes b4 class started, and then I just kinda froze and realized how over being sad I was. I was in SO much pain this weekend...and I just don't think it's worth it anymore. It doesn't change the situation. It just makes everything keep hurting.
Maybe thats why I feel like I have to puke.
Because moving on is really scary, after three years.
shit, I don't even need a therapist. Alls i needsa blog.

Chill. Cross/faded. Other cynical stuff.


Git Cozy

I really wish you could actually roll around in sweaters and shorts during fall on the east coast. Sigh. Maybe in Austin. Sweet Austin.


Blair Waldorf 4 a better generation.

This face. The hair. The innocence. It's perfect.


T. Rex

chicken er egg? 

obvi the chicken.


Lauren Moffat Spring 2011

The Honeymooners

I. Die.

(was disappointed to see that the colors are much more saturated in real life tho....)

My kingdom 4 1 night

wit this beefcake.


Dress Up

I was a gnome fer halloween. I was goth at a party. I was the only one who knew how 2 do it rite. Goth is more than black clothes man, itz a way of being.


i dunno whurr these are from. I have an aesthetic.

My boyfriend broke up with me

Wouldn't mind rebounding with Marcel. I swear I'm not this creepy.


This post could also be called Selby Porn...
I'm graduating in 23 weeks. Ready 4 my own place. Austin TX here I come?

(everything via the selby duh)

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