I wrote an article for the newspaper at my school about styles, so I thought I'd stick it up here too...I actually got approached becuz of this twee bloggy so, uh, radical.

Hi friends! This is my very first article for the BFP, or any paper at all really, and I'm pumped! I run a little fashion blog on the interwebs. It's mostly shoes I want and rad editorials—but I thought it might be fun to get a bit more communal. I'm going to start with the essence of Bonestyle, pieces I totally love from my own wardrobe, but in the future I'd love to highlight some of your totally amazing pieces too.
Blue Suede Shoes
Oh my God. Who doesn't really really need a pair of these? They're probably about 5 inches and fairly immobilizing, but their vibrant sapphire hue and sixty dollar price tag make up for any pain. They were the last pair in my size(OK, they're still a half size too big but thats what socks are for) and on super sale. Totally dreamy.
Crochet Pouch
This is a real nice dirty cream color. I got it for five bucks at Beacon's Closet in NYC. Inside it says 70's hip. mac/tap. It also smells kinda like straw. Freaky!
Pumpkin Suede Moto Jacket
This thing is so effing amazing. I got in St. Louis on a road trip. It was like 95 degrees and it literally hurt to put this on. It was a little pricey so I had to get a soy latte and walk around the block, but in the end I went back for him...plus I just got paid.

Vintage Bracelets
These are like, my prized possessions. The spiker one is actually vintage Afghani silver. The one with the weird iron cross is fake turquoise (read: plastic) and silver, and I got it in town at Camelot Village (which you seriously need to go to if you haven't yet. Duh).

White Rabbit Fur Coat
Another totally prized possession. I got this pup at Salvation Army for three fucking dollars cuz there are rips in the sleeves. It sheds like crazy though, which is kinda not cute.

So thats that. My very favorite things. If you'd like to see more/ridicule my style checka my blog, www.leatherette-land.blogspot.com.

ps, the reason this shit is called Bonestyle is cuz my last name is Bonesteel, now stalk me!
pps, sry all the photos rn't top quality. I wuz having lighting issues plus 4 the paper they all just get black n whited newayzzz


love the idea of this dress, you could pick it up at any thrift store, take it in and cut it and ta da.


You can cover yerself like a bruise (Jolijin Snijders)

I want to have rough sex with all of these boys. Preferably at the same time.

Wish I had this ass. Wish it was warm enough to rock this. Wish rocking this didn't necessitate people calling/mistaking me 4 a whore (not that theres anything wrong with that haha).

i could eat a peach for days


Rudie Can't Fail

I already have a black pair, but these are only 35 big ones, and I LOVE blue suede shoes.

Also, my man is getting me (read literally going to go to the store and pick up, not pay for, it's not the 50s) the charlie clog from LF on wedz...holler baller, got shoes on the brain...per usual.


Top Pix

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Can't wait to see the rest of this ed. I love this aesthetic, tho I think like only two people in the world can pull it off outside of the eighties/small townz in the midwest. Surprisingly this was shot by Christian Brille who is also a painfully gorgeous model. Behold:


This is totally the vibe I want to emulate, except with my leather jacket under that shearling.

kill a cow, make a burger

Love the last scene most, anything americana themed gits my heart racing. Also yellow hair, so in for the dime. (ok no srsly, i wanna dye the ends of my hair yellow)

Amazon Bitches Git all the Bois.

I'd go a million miles for Delial

Vogue Brazil


you know what?

 right now, I'm not doing great.


i like to call this my

over done trend with a twist outfit, the twist being that i've never felt cute in shorts and tights until now.
The shorts are vintage guess (meaning i got them at a thrift store), the sweater is vintage too, but actually, even though i only paid twenty dollars for it and the shirt is a pretty lil h&m number. The shoes are DUH sam edelman. The sunglasses are from some vintage store in nyc, and I paid too much for them.

Gypsy Woman

Traditional Costumes of Val Maira, from the book Fashion at the Time of Fascism: Italian Modernist Life Style 1922-1943.

Defs not the most inspiring book, but I loved this picture.

Ps: Sorry for the unplanned absence, I'm just starting school again and its a big tough pain in the arse.
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