Rudie Can't Fail

I already have a black pair, but these are only 35 big ones, and I LOVE blue suede shoes.

Also, my man is getting me (read literally going to go to the store and pick up, not pay for, it's not the 50s) the charlie clog from LF on wedz...holler baller, got shoes on the brain...per usual.


Jade and Laura said...

drinking brew for breakfast .. GOD I LOVE THAT SONG

s said...

ah im in love with those shoes
you have great taste!

battlingthedinosaurs said...

creepers, i want a pair with a high platform

i like these too, especially since it's suede

emma said...

would love to see you rock these

Cami said...

You can never have enough blue suede shoes! Especially not when they are $35.

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