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add one part this:

Add a little black spraypaint a la bleachblack....

put them on the back of these:

and you look KINDA radical. Ain't even uncomfortable.


Jim Hodges

This dude just gave a talk at my school, an also, is apparently in love with my boyfriend. No issues here, if it gets me one of those spider webs(which he creates with jewelry pliers) worth 100,000 bones than I'm totally down for some threesomes. JKJK.

But srsly, how cool is the first image? Also, how beautiful would these look across your chest. or maybe even back. yeah. thought so. dude rules.

Drinking violation #2

If it wasn't so obviously dangerous I might do it.

Today I went to the mall, again. I got those tye dyed shorts and a black sheer a wangy top. I dig it. My summer uniform is shaping up nicely. I just need some shoesies. Aye. Time to online search for them. Am I missing a website full of great and inexpensive shoes? Please let me know.

via RackkandRuin


i hate lacking in funds

I miss the wang knock off shoes. And I'll miss this knock off too, unless my parents (how sad is that) come to the rescue. I'm dying over here.

Also, I want to say that the reason I desire this to the ump-teenth degree is not because it looks like an A Wang...it is because it look like the bag which i love, but will never, ever be able to afford...

but for those of you who can...


Maybe I've changed my mind. This bag doesn't really compare to the wang...it really does look like a crappy knock off. I feel better now.


Oh, boys be looking too good! I love these kinds of editorials...the kinds ash and jethro belong in, but aren't. These guys are a little tougher than them though, which I don't mind. Nope.

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forever 21

Way to whip out them trends bros!

Sorry guys, I just love her SO much...lookit that bone structure, lookit that body! The way the clothes sit on her body is just...pure perfection.
She makes the canadian tux look 2cool.


Women management blog


Memory Lane

So, whenever I listen to the Hold Steady I sort of go down memory lane, so here, for your voyeuristic pleasure I'll give you a peek into my adolescence (who really wants to remember that shit though, really?)

This is super early, I was...15?

I used to sort of be a horror dork so, heres me on haloween zombied the f out. I worked on this for like 3 hours at like 5 in the morning.
This is me and my first boyfriend. I was seriously in love with this kid. He totally broke my heart. Like, terribly, like didn't get over it for a whole year broke my heart. (I was probs 13 here)

haha, this is the day after he broke up with me (17)

more of he and I...maybe 16 here?

This is probs 2007? This was my skin head boyfriend (not racist) That was a complicated relationship. I was kinda rebounding after my first relationship ended.(like 18?)

I started gettin sorta PFR during this time

(16 or 17?)

(16 0r 17 again) Just sleepy. I had just gone skinny dipping for the first time.

I remember this party. It was really depressing. This is my skinhead boyfriend after we broke up, "talking". I was SO desperate to get into his pants. It was DISGUSTING.
This was close to the time I left for college, but not quite. This is a river by my old house...It was so beautiful, I was very unhappy with my self, and if i remember correctly, doing a lot of drugs and wasting my life.
This is around the same time. The reason my hair lengths keeps changing is because I had a thing for extensions. I snorted some random pill the bathroom at this party. I was with the skinhead boy here too. It was an unfortunate (read:fucking depressing) time. I am holding whiskey like its normal here. (18)

These were somewhat better times, this was at prom, I was probs 16 or 17.

I think the reason I made this post was...I'm really into kinda...going into my past and reliving it...but from a very seperated place. I've been writing stories and making art based on my life recently, and it has been pretty effing cathartic. It's kinda amazing.

Okay, sorry for the ego trip. Blah blah blah, back to the fashion stuff eh?

A secret

So I sort of have a secret. Here it is...I don't really like music. Weird right? I mean, I like to listen to music, and kind of zone out to it and dance to it etc etc etc. I get it, it sounds real nice, but I sort of rarely connect with it. It just doesn't have that much stake for me emotionally...not the way that literature or visual art or film does. Those are media which really affect me, you know, somewhere deep and and squeeshy.
there is this one band. This one band which just beyond blows me the FUCK away. There was defiantly a time when I felt this way about music, in my youth etc. BUT THIS BAND. THIS BAND, MAN.

They are called The Hold Steady and I've pretty much been on top of them since the beginning, but as they've come out with more and more music I've just sorta fallen deeper and deeper in to the hole which is The Hold Steady world. They are so much more than a band I think...They are like this social description that resonates so deeply...Thats enough writing maybe for now. But I sorta wanted to just...make a special post for them because I love them SO much.

"Don't tell the dancers. They'll just get distracted. Don't tell the DJs They already suspect us. Don't mention the bloodshed. Don't mention the skins. Don't tell them Ybor City almost killed us again"

"The sutures and bruises are none of my business. She says that she's sick but she won't get specific. The sutures and bruises, they're none of my business. This guy from the northside comes down to visit his visits they only take five or six minutes."

"yr little hoodrat friend got me high though. we were 17 and stuck up in osseo. she said it's funny even true love gets troubled by stillwater and washed up in the mississippi river. her claddagh ring was pointed at the people. she said "st. theresa comes to me in dreams." she said "i ain't gonna do anything sexual with you. i'm kinda saving myself for the scene."



you know what? You know what? I like Jaime Bochert more than I will ever like Erin Wasson. There. I said it.
April Numero 09 via Women management blog

edit: Erin Wasson is still a pretty fine specimen though.

You make it hard to hate you.

you keep me coming back for more!


1. Stop smoking

I started smoking again because i was peer pressured (read: couldn't stick to quitting) into buying a pack o' ciggies. It was a bad idea. Now i need to stop if for my shoe collection's sake alone.

Also, last weekend I got in trouble for people drinking in a non-drinking (underage) room. I have to go have a meeting with some broad about it. Please explain to me why colleges continue to get us in trouble for things which are not harmful. It would be different if people were being violent or cutty or something, but obvi, a beer isn't that big a deal. On top of all that, I was just wishing my bud a happy birthday. LAME.

Yeah, those are just some pics of me and my friends getting trashed.

jk.google image



Currently listening to Tom Waits and putting off writing psychology papers.
do not want.
bad touch.
This picture is up not because I think it has particularly good or even interesting styling, but because it reminds me of a manicured version of my teen-dom. Dating one punk rocker after another. It is really easy to romanticize these types of things, but then if you really think, i mean really think back to those days...man they were NOT worth the time, effort, or wasted emotions.

okay. gonna write that shit now. bai.
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