A secret

So I sort of have a secret. Here it is...I don't really like music. Weird right? I mean, I like to listen to music, and kind of zone out to it and dance to it etc etc etc. I get it, it sounds real nice, but I sort of rarely connect with it. It just doesn't have that much stake for me emotionally...not the way that literature or visual art or film does. Those are media which really affect me, you know, somewhere deep and and squeeshy.
there is this one band. This one band which just beyond blows me the FUCK away. There was defiantly a time when I felt this way about music, in my youth etc. BUT THIS BAND. THIS BAND, MAN.

They are called The Hold Steady and I've pretty much been on top of them since the beginning, but as they've come out with more and more music I've just sorta fallen deeper and deeper in to the hole which is The Hold Steady world. They are so much more than a band I think...They are like this social description that resonates so deeply...Thats enough writing maybe for now. But I sorta wanted to just...make a special post for them because I love them SO much.

"Don't tell the dancers. They'll just get distracted. Don't tell the DJs They already suspect us. Don't mention the bloodshed. Don't mention the skins. Don't tell them Ybor City almost killed us again"

"The sutures and bruises are none of my business. She says that she's sick but she won't get specific. The sutures and bruises, they're none of my business. This guy from the northside comes down to visit his visits they only take five or six minutes."

"yr little hoodrat friend got me high though. we were 17 and stuck up in osseo. she said it's funny even true love gets troubled by stillwater and washed up in the mississippi river. her claddagh ring was pointed at the people. she said "st. theresa comes to me in dreams." she said "i ain't gonna do anything sexual with you. i'm kinda saving myself for the scene."

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