OH-kay. So I know this is like, really overstated but it is so aggravating. Checka dis:

This some BULLSHIT is what this is. All of these are like wardrobe staples right? Shrunken blazer, shrunken flannel, yer mom's levis. All of these are available for no more than 10 dollars at your local thrift store. I live in teeny tiny vermont and we have this stuff. But no, urban outfitters sells all of it for over 40 dollars. WHAT KIND OF ECONOMIC CRISIS ARGH. I know I know, a company you say. A business must make its green...but christ on a cross, if you are going to expect me to spend my monies(which i should be saving) on your clothes at least price them accordingly, or make them rad as hell.

thats all. just a wee bit peeved.


Anonymous said...

ha urban is such a rip off, and its not even good quality

and thanks for the kill city link, i honestly thought it was a european brand

rackkandruin said...

yeah, their urban "renewal" stuff is total bullshit.

Anonymous said...

This crisis is getting very very annoying, even H&M is highing prices! Fucking crisis

Claudia said...

i feel you

Hannah said...

Ugh agree. The Urban Outfitters stores are hell too, whenever I go in I get a headache from the blaring indie tunes and have to millions of 12-year-old dodge wannabe-hipsters. My town is getting one and I cannot wait to see everyone dressed alike in the same crap-quality clothes. At least you get to look strikingly unique against the UO herd.

Queen Of Russia said...

yeah goddam right.

Pretty much half of everything I own is thrifted.

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