Just sayin.

not cool guyez.


rude girls lookin rood and british. Also good.


Such a look:

Lookit that, where I got this is right thurr on the picture! This is a model, and I'm not sure if her outfit is from whatever show she's modeling or whut, but she is kinda embodying a look I'd like to get into on a daily basis, kinda like...I'm quirky but I still look really fierce and serious. That's a look right?


Next Wave Boners

Or, boys I'd like to fuck redeux. Except that last one there is 15. So, boys I'd like to fuck, at least in theory, provided they show proper legal identification/would be willing. Hmm, doesn't have as nice a ring to it does it?


My tastes never change.

Voir: The first picture of me circa 5 years ago. In my very first pair of creepers. Now Voir my collection of tumblr pics of gals in creepers. I WANT NEW ONES OMG.

ps. I'm thinking about moving to tumblr...but I love blogspot...yack.
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