hail to the guardians of the watchtowers of whatever

This was really fucking cold but really effing fun.

 My girl(A.) conceptualized the shoot, Gabi Ben-Yaish, me and A. modeled, and A. and Natasha Garret styled this shit (with a little help from yers truly). Shot by PJ Monte.


Boys do it better?

Maybe it's because I'm moving south...maybe it's because I roadtripped to Nashville a coupla weeks ago. Maybe it might have something to do with this boy I'm into.
I just feel like doods with the balls to go balls deep deserve some props. 
(ps. how old is that word?)

Like, the dood who wears this, and there is a dood who would wear this, is such a fucking rad person. I want to be his really good friend.
 Also: if this guy didn't have long hair this look would offish not be as good.

Okay. Fine. Maybe I just like doods in belbottoms.



Ah, the arrival of topshop's spring collection or...some clothes most reasonable people probably won't be able to afford, at least in america. These shorts, however, are a nice alternative to the pendelton x opening ceremony ones that I lusted after. Okay, not that nice an alternative but whatevuh.

ew. on second thought, these shorts suck. I hate rash judgments.

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