Boys do it better?

Maybe it's because I'm moving south...maybe it's because I roadtripped to Nashville a coupla weeks ago. Maybe it might have something to do with this boy I'm into.
I just feel like doods with the balls to go balls deep deserve some props. 
(ps. how old is that word?)

Like, the dood who wears this, and there is a dood who would wear this, is such a fucking rad person. I want to be his really good friend.
 Also: if this guy didn't have long hair this look would offish not be as good.

Okay. Fine. Maybe I just like doods in belbottoms.


Maria Elba said...

i love it! nashville is great! are you moving? thats where i live! I always get excited when i see someone talk about nashville

A. said...

dood. obviously.

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