I been theenkin,

About fashion vs style. I was just on lookbook, wondering why I stopped going...and I realized that it's because so many of the people on there look good in clothes but don't really have any sense of personal style.

I guess thats also why I like stylelikeu so much. Even if i don't dig a persons style, they def have one, and are devoted to it. It's not just skinny jeans and hobo bags and sleek haircuts. It's not leather jackets and floral dresses, or if it is, it actually works and it's because they feel right in it, not trendy.

I was thinking about my own style recently...hows its evolved and devolved throughout my life. You know, there was a time when I wore american apparel u neck dresses and waist belts.

There was also a time when I wore cowboy boots and vintage costume jewelry and died my hair bright red and had a david bowie mullet.

I've realized at my style peak when I'm A. not paying attention to trends (very much at least) and B. stuck in a uniform. A uniform might not be seen as something positive, but for me, it's kind of an identity (a visual one anyway). If you've got a uniform, you've got a solid sense of your style...and you repeat it. I haven't been wearing too much maxi shit lately, but I have to say these days I feel best in my leather jacket, fox fur collar, green floral scarf (it used to be my mom's mesa covering, so its hippie as shit), a maxi dress or skirt, and creepers.

yeah. thats the most Ive ever written on here. weird.

If you are going to use personal pictures of me, could you PLEASE do me the effing courtesy of asking? Especially ones where I'm like 15. It's kinda weird for your own 15 yr old face to pop up on netnewswire.

I havn't been this excited about an ed in forever.




Sum of this collection bomb-diggy-diggy-diggy-bomb-diggy BOMBED. But these looks were killer for sure. Those denim jump suits tho, lord god I hope that doesn't catch on, or actually, I really do.

Lo$t Boys

Had to post like 75% of this ed cuz I think its just beautiful. Some of the shots are like really refined, others more wild and others somewhere in the middle. All of them relate. I think thats what makes a good editorial, variety but relatedness.

Boy Warriors by Vincent Nord


crushed velvet crop top, you vex me so.

trying to work out a way of wearing this crushed velvet crop top with pants. Its the same one I wore on new years a couple of posts back...Right now I'm sorta camoing it with this lace blazer I really don't wear enough. I got it at THE most amazing thrift store in the HOOD of chicago. There was a red leather skirt too, but it was like one size too small. I think of it often.

I'm wearing the usual suspects as accessories, my goats head pentagram necklace (my life blood i swear) and this crystal necklace I JUST re made. As well as my one and only cross earring. I make almost all of my own jewelry, and one time i was in topshop in nyc and miss thang came up to me and asked me for a card so that she could buy some.
I was all huh?
and that was in end of it. I guess what I'm trying to say is watch out rackknruin. Just keeding. Duh.

No outfit pic though, the lighting/my thighs just wern't working 4 me kay.

ps. how nice is my hair looking these days? Patience is a virtue fool.




Mollys  right. This ed is fucking out of this world. I like the hair the most, but the muted/vibrant color palette is a close second.


revamp revamp revamp


I don't remember where I got this, but I do know that I really, really, painfully love it.

The price is right (for once)

I feel like these shoes look like their worth a lot more than they are. And I'm really really okay with that.

These are from Bakers, how have i never seen this site before. There are a lot of gems on here, but I'm pretty picky...thus...Anyway, these kinda remind me of those glorious burberry wrap sandals from last spring. I'm pretty over the zipper thing, but these are calling to me for some reason.

I'm like, actually considering buying these...they are so boho chic or something. Next up, shearling jackets and conch shells. No joke. Okay, it was a joke. But they are still redic cute.  Here here here.

This is maybe not something I would usually post, but i just feel like blue suede shoes are so iconic and also mysterious, and I really need a pair in my life. Not that I'm getting them, I just have the need. Right? Right. They also come in hellof other colors, if thats your thing.

All of these are UNDER 100 bones. Life could be sweetening up.


do not hate.

been spending a lot of time in bed lately. Wouldn't mind loungin comfortably.

via oaknyc (maybe i'll go try em on..)

via facehunter

love the loosey goosey and the fur. Animal rights and blah blah blah, but real will always, AESTHETICALLY look better. 2bad its true.


umm. i die?

2 bad i literally have eighty dollars to my name right now. FUUUCK.


new header

I don't know. Thoughts?

Oh. Shit.

Oh Kewel, something new to lust after that I can't afford. Or rather, I could afford it, but I'm living in nyc for the next two months and should probably spend the 65 bones on borsht and good times instead. I think I saw this over at Dracula's Teeth.  It's Barnaby Black, and most of the stuff is  kinda too bro for me, but the black metal collection is pretty rad. Check it.



new years ez eve.
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