The price is right (for once)

I feel like these shoes look like their worth a lot more than they are. And I'm really really okay with that.

These are from Bakers, how have i never seen this site before. There are a lot of gems on here, but I'm pretty picky...thus...Anyway, these kinda remind me of those glorious burberry wrap sandals from last spring. I'm pretty over the zipper thing, but these are calling to me for some reason.

I'm like, actually considering buying these...they are so boho chic or something. Next up, shearling jackets and conch shells. No joke. Okay, it was a joke. But they are still redic cute.  Here here here.

This is maybe not something I would usually post, but i just feel like blue suede shoes are so iconic and also mysterious, and I really need a pair in my life. Not that I'm getting them, I just have the need. Right? Right. They also come in hellof other colors, if thats your thing.

All of these are UNDER 100 bones. Life could be sweetening up.

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Rackk and Ruin said...

damn j.simps!! Those are f-ing rad shoes!! if i didn't look like such a trani in heels i'd grab those in a second!

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