crushed velvet crop top, you vex me so.

trying to work out a way of wearing this crushed velvet crop top with pants. Its the same one I wore on new years a couple of posts back...Right now I'm sorta camoing it with this lace blazer I really don't wear enough. I got it at THE most amazing thrift store in the HOOD of chicago. There was a red leather skirt too, but it was like one size too small. I think of it often.

I'm wearing the usual suspects as accessories, my goats head pentagram necklace (my life blood i swear) and this crystal necklace I JUST re made. As well as my one and only cross earring. I make almost all of my own jewelry, and one time i was in topshop in nyc and miss thang came up to me and asked me for a card so that she could buy some.
I was all huh?
and that was in end of it. I guess what I'm trying to say is watch out rackknruin. Just keeding. Duh.

No outfit pic though, the lighting/my thighs just wern't working 4 me kay.

ps. how nice is my hair looking these days? Patience is a virtue fool.


AMON + MONICA said...

Maybe our look book will inspire something perhaps? ;-)

We hope you are getting excited for the launch of AMON + MONICA 's online boutique this Friday 29 January 2010.

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Elisa said...

h8 spam.

makemoremistakes said...

did you make or buy that goat's head pentagram necklace, cuz it's amazing me, and I want one.

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