I been theenkin,

About fashion vs style. I was just on lookbook, wondering why I stopped going...and I realized that it's because so many of the people on there look good in clothes but don't really have any sense of personal style.

I guess thats also why I like stylelikeu so much. Even if i don't dig a persons style, they def have one, and are devoted to it. It's not just skinny jeans and hobo bags and sleek haircuts. It's not leather jackets and floral dresses, or if it is, it actually works and it's because they feel right in it, not trendy.

I was thinking about my own style recently...hows its evolved and devolved throughout my life. You know, there was a time when I wore american apparel u neck dresses and waist belts.

There was also a time when I wore cowboy boots and vintage costume jewelry and died my hair bright red and had a david bowie mullet.

I've realized at my style peak when I'm A. not paying attention to trends (very much at least) and B. stuck in a uniform. A uniform might not be seen as something positive, but for me, it's kind of an identity (a visual one anyway). If you've got a uniform, you've got a solid sense of your style...and you repeat it. I haven't been wearing too much maxi shit lately, but I have to say these days I feel best in my leather jacket, fox fur collar, green floral scarf (it used to be my mom's mesa covering, so its hippie as shit), a maxi dress or skirt, and creepers.

yeah. thats the most Ive ever written on here. weird.

If you are going to use personal pictures of me, could you PLEASE do me the effing courtesy of asking? Especially ones where I'm like 15. It's kinda weird for your own 15 yr old face to pop up on netnewswire.


Jade and Laura said...

hahha your amazing like seriously

kendal croix said...

my thoughts exactly.

emma said...

i agree! i never go on lookbook, its all girls in really tight jeans and really good photoshop skills

Rackk and Ruin said...

Effing fantastic post. Are all those images you? I wish I looked as cool as you going to prom in highschool. And the mullet is beyond awesome. I agree with the clone comments and always try to keep myself in check when it comes to trends. Like I Know I love leather... But do I actually love creepers or am I just being told that I should. I've always been a solo shopper, hunter, and I think it's because I knew that I should learn to trust myself when it comes to what works for me/my style. Wow. Probably the longest comment I've ever written. And it's on the longest post you've ever written. Typical

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