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Let me tell you a story.

ok, so, I know blah blah blah fashion blog. But I think this is the funniest thing that I have done in a while while while.
Okay. so. Big crush on r patz because i am actually a thirteen year old chubby girl with braces and a pension for the undead...So, my first night back to college I threw a twee rager. I proceeded in getting fairly hammered and when I woke up the next morning I found three torn out pictures of Robert Pattinson from an issue of vanity fair I had been hiding taped onto my wall next to my bed. This was one of those times when you kinda remember doing the deed but also really don't want to so you repress it. Anyway. They still sit there today. Also, I'm wet just talking about him. eew lolz.

Note to self:


Nude looks good with a splash of something else.
thats all.

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I want da hairz.

Sewwww. I used to think (maybe 3 months ago) this whole died hair thing was redick and 7th grade as fuck. But now I'm like, swayed by the trends, and that a scary thing. Is it just a desire to see something, anything different? I spend almost four years growing my hair out, to a healthy place...just to dye it blonde at the tips and ruin it again. (I mean, yeah I really like the way it looks but wtf?) 
Finally, who gives a shit? I like the way this looks now, i didn't used to, whatever. Haha.

blah blah blah cartoon styles/ the fashion spot.


wang thang?

Most of this collection was pretty underwhelming. These crushed velvet whatevers on the other hand, I can get behind.

v day

 Me and mah beaux went to this wonderful resturant in brooklyn called prime meats. We spent about a hundred dollars on the most excellent steak, mashed taters, fries, watercress salad, and pear tart...ever? Did i mention it was the best steak ever? Oh, also it was our 2.5 year aniversary, so, that was nice too.

These were pretty quick pics, but I really liked my outfit. Boy said everything was in perfect purportion. I'm wearing a fake leather (leatherette anyone?) dress from f21, blue blouse from h&m, blue suede booties from steve madden (60 bucks on sale fuck yeah) and all kinda vintage jewlery from afganistan and the fourties etc etc. Also, the hair bow idea i got from fashionista, so easy to do and so cute.



Soft and pretty. Typical, but the look I'm going for for v day. I'm thinking sage green and dusty rose with some gray and nude thrown in for good measure.

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