I want da hairz.

Sewwww. I used to think (maybe 3 months ago) this whole died hair thing was redick and 7th grade as fuck. But now I'm like, swayed by the trends, and that a scary thing. Is it just a desire to see something, anything different? I spend almost four years growing my hair out, to a healthy place...just to dye it blonde at the tips and ruin it again. (I mean, yeah I really like the way it looks but wtf?) 
Finally, who gives a shit? I like the way this looks now, i didn't used to, whatever. Haha.

blah blah blah cartoon styles/ the fashion spot.


Obscura said...

AHHHHH This is so hootttt.
I might explode.
Isn't it insane that bright hair is back?
Reminds me of being in grade seven and having pink hair...


kendal croix said...

i totally bleached my ends a few years back too and am tryin so hard to resist dying it but come summer i may give in and go bright red or maybe a nice eggplant.

emilyscarlett said...

this blue is too good

paperbag said...

love this! your blog is just perfection!!

Uly said...

haha rad blog!

check mine out and my blue hair!

emma said...

yeah even though this is the exact color my hair was when i was uh 13 i totally just went out and bought temporary blue hair dye haha

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