Let me tell you a story.

ok, so, I know blah blah blah fashion blog. But I think this is the funniest thing that I have done in a while while while.
Okay. so. Big crush on r patz because i am actually a thirteen year old chubby girl with braces and a pension for the undead...So, my first night back to college I threw a twee rager. I proceeded in getting fairly hammered and when I woke up the next morning I found three torn out pictures of Robert Pattinson from an issue of vanity fair I had been hiding taped onto my wall next to my bed. This was one of those times when you kinda remember doing the deed but also really don't want to so you repress it. Anyway. They still sit there today. Also, I'm wet just talking about him. eew lolz.

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emma said...

haha i have to say im more of a Bill Compton fan

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