feeling nostalgic and maybe a little bit sad too.


You're so beautiful. I wish you would eat.

Etsy wishlist & recent purchases

Bought this on ebay. its a clone of the VIV version. Sorry...but I desire higher fashion than my wallet can afford. I am SO psyched to get this.

Then I got some bootstraps. I've been meaning to buy some for ACTUALLY a year or two...so, I finally did.

Can you believe these two rings? I am really mostly a ring girl, but I do wear the occasional bracelet. Maybe if it was a tom binns... They are both $70 so not UTTERLY out of my/anyone's price range...but, sort of low on my list of shopping priorities right now. A girl can dream can't she?

I was drawing a comic for my innovative fiction class....but then I caught the blogging bug.

mkay. end transmission.


This is all i want right now. All i want in the world.


To scrimp or save?

40$ Payless

128$ Dolce Vida @Urban

148$ Jeffery Cambell @ free people

I WANT ALL, but I can only have one....


Going to a party. Have to wear all black. That was easy. Really wanted to DIY something tonight but couldn't due to depression/angst/apathy. So lame. Anyway...really digging on the new Fever Ray jams. (Thank you BleachBlack)


Really amazing art direction. REALLY AMAZING.




creepers&corset via the teenage collection, slip via goodwill, 100dens via H&M. Necklaces via thift and vintage.

Dress via forever21, blazer via lil boys section at goodwill

Been rocking the creepies and black lippy lately. Don't know about the lippy but the creepies sure are easier to get around in on my hilly VT campus. MHM

its funny. I asked my dad to send them to me from home (chicago) a couple of weeks ago and during the first week I was wearing them I got all kinda flash backs to my PFR(punkfuckinrock) days. I even made an emo mixtape with a lotta hold steady.

seeing the hold steady soon too. SO RAD.


Gregory Crewdson

^ My favorite ^

I saw this fellow's work on the same trip as the first Marcel Dzama sighting and was completely BLOWN away. In person these pictures...the way he processes them....they are almost ethereal, they look like paintings...the colors are so rich and the paper they are printed on has this unbelievable sheen to it. Its so hard to describe...its almost supernatural.

I think I love his pictures so much because each one seems to have a really powerful story behind it. Not like...there are a bunch of flowers on this broad's bed, whats up with that? More like this woman is missing something powerful in her life, what is it? And the audience can go from there. Thats why the first picture is SO epic. It has such a clear narrative which is also malleable.

yada yada, I kinda love working at the library because people return books and I am exposed to so many things I've forgotten or never experienced.

till next time.

ps. more outfit posts in the future...if any one even reads this thingie.


I'm on Fire

Start the night with this. End the night bored and reeking of cigarettes. College parties are mostly over-rated except for the rare few which are totally amazing and consist of a lot of gyrating to sheryl crow.

Got A LOT of "nice lipstick" smirk. Which, to be fair my boy totally called. But i DID get a genuine thumbs up from one really effortlessly well dressed gal. I also tried to explain it by saying "they wear it on the runway...i wear it at bennington college" but everyone thought I was being pretentious. I was actually making fun of myself...but...I digress. (Sorta LOATHE a lotta ppl here. Sometimes it feels like they are just out to make you feel shitty)

Hey little girl, is yer daddy home?

thats enough for now. When I need to distract my self later I will post about lambskin moto jackets. For now.



Darger & Dzama

Henry Darger:
So, I basically grew up with this strange Darger fellow...not literally... but mi papi was obsessed. then wrote a book, now we own one...blah blah blah. So, one day, on a trip into the city (NY) I was visiting some galleries and one of them had the MOST amazing sculptures. Little did I know they were by and based on drawings by one Mr. Dzama. I am pretty sure everything he touches turns to amazing. AND given his similarities to Darger it is no surprise I love him so.

Marcel Dzama




also, this girl is beyond rad.


Technically not Fashionable Influences:
I think some people MIGHT call me an artist, even though I'm not totally sure what I am (besides in school and poor) but regardless I love a lotta art (of the unwearable nature) including but certainly not limited to...

Sally Mann. Brutally honest and beautiful. I think each of her photos tell a story (often a bit inappropriate). My faves are the ones featuring her kids. fun fact: she went to the college i currently attend.

Hans Belmer. He made dolls based on his hot niece during ww2. They were also supposed to rep the "perfect" children of hitler's creation being tortured like the jews were.
Irena Ionesco. Her subject was OFTEN her daughter in compromising positions. She sexualized childhood in a way unseen since freud. But besides that she just had a beautiful and unique asthetic.

Fashion Influences/Obsessions/I stalk this shit when I should be doing homework

Tom Binns jewelry
. Anything he does with rhinestones&skulls or rhinestones&chainz. Anybody trying to imbibe the skull with class=super rad.


Yes, I am abored the train to balmainia. Funny story: the case to my glasses says balmain on it. weird. They were def 30 dollars at my opti...not by the master of exaggerated shoulder pads...

I am pretty much constantly looking for/ planning to diy things. mostly with studs...even if that is like so over done. Whatevs. guess I just can't grow outta that 16 pfr(punkfuckingrock) girl. Also bleach. I like bleach but i am to lazy to scoot over to walmart to get some. oh well, back burner.

(sorry i don't remember where all of these pix are from, i saved them in random folders)
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