Technically not Fashionable Influences:
I think some people MIGHT call me an artist, even though I'm not totally sure what I am (besides in school and poor) but regardless I love a lotta art (of the unwearable nature) including but certainly not limited to...

Sally Mann. Brutally honest and beautiful. I think each of her photos tell a story (often a bit inappropriate). My faves are the ones featuring her kids. fun fact: she went to the college i currently attend.

Hans Belmer. He made dolls based on his hot niece during ww2. They were also supposed to rep the "perfect" children of hitler's creation being tortured like the jews were.
Irena Ionesco. Her subject was OFTEN her daughter in compromising positions. She sexualized childhood in a way unseen since freud. But besides that she just had a beautiful and unique asthetic.

Fashion Influences/Obsessions/I stalk this shit when I should be doing homework

Tom Binns jewelry
. Anything he does with rhinestones&skulls or rhinestones&chainz. Anybody trying to imbibe the skull with class=super rad.


Yes, I am abored the train to balmainia. Funny story: the case to my glasses says balmain on it. weird. They were def 30 dollars at my opti...not by the master of exaggerated shoulder pads...

I am pretty much constantly looking for/ planning to diy things. mostly with studs...even if that is like so over done. Whatevs. guess I just can't grow outta that 16 pfr(punkfuckingrock) girl. Also bleach. I like bleach but i am to lazy to scoot over to walmart to get some. oh well, back burner.

(sorry i don't remember where all of these pix are from, i saved them in random folders)


bella said...

i just discovered your blog. it's great. oh and that picture of sally mann's daughter with the fake cigarette? so beautiful. you can tell that she's going to become really sexy when she gets older.

Elisa said...

bella, I don't know if you will ever see this, but thank you, I JUST noticed this comment.

Lady Death said...

Ah yes. Wonderful photographers posted here. I am in love with Sally Mann's work.

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