Gregory Crewdson

^ My favorite ^

I saw this fellow's work on the same trip as the first Marcel Dzama sighting and was completely BLOWN away. In person these pictures...the way he processes them....they are almost ethereal, they look like paintings...the colors are so rich and the paper they are printed on has this unbelievable sheen to it. Its so hard to describe...its almost supernatural.

I think I love his pictures so much because each one seems to have a really powerful story behind it. Not like...there are a bunch of flowers on this broad's bed, whats up with that? More like this woman is missing something powerful in her life, what is it? And the audience can go from there. Thats why the first picture is SO epic. It has such a clear narrative which is also malleable.

yada yada, I kinda love working at the library because people return books and I am exposed to so many things I've forgotten or never experienced.

till next time.

ps. more outfit posts in the future...if any one even reads this thingie.


rackkandruin said...

aaahhh, i love crewdson!! His photos always reminded me of one of my all time favorite childhood books "The Mysteries of Harris Burdick" by Chris Van Allsburg. . . the mystery, the questions they raise. lovvee it. I am also very curious about which artist you were referring to when you were commenting on my Hirst post. xx molly

Elisa said...

I don't really know who the artist was, kinda an unnamed guy I think. This is all info coming from my "in the know" friends in the ny art scene.

We both live in VT you know, trying to survive the winter as fashionibly as possible...but today is an exception huh?


Miranda said...

i love this book, twilight, right? his work is so exciting..its like the normal suburbs with this haunting and magical twist. the lighting is so gorgeous as well.

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