Etsy wishlist & recent purchases

Bought this on ebay. its a clone of the VIV version. Sorry...but I desire higher fashion than my wallet can afford. I am SO psyched to get this.

Then I got some bootstraps. I've been meaning to buy some for ACTUALLY a year or two...so, I finally did.

Can you believe these two rings? I am really mostly a ring girl, but I do wear the occasional bracelet. Maybe if it was a tom binns... They are both $70 so not UTTERLY out of my/anyone's price range...but, sort of low on my list of shopping priorities right now. A girl can dream can't she?

I was drawing a comic for my innovative fiction class....but then I caught the blogging bug.

mkay. end transmission.


rackkandruin said...

K, gotta add making studded boot straps to my To Do list. . . . I LOVE the Etsy bustier you sent me the link to. .. . shit shit shit. . . i really really like it. . . I only wish i could try it on (cause for $30 it ain't cheap if it don't fit. .. )

carlenius said...

I like your blog!


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