I'm on Fire

Start the night with this. End the night bored and reeking of cigarettes. College parties are mostly over-rated except for the rare few which are totally amazing and consist of a lot of gyrating to sheryl crow.

Got A LOT of "nice lipstick" smirk. Which, to be fair my boy totally called. But i DID get a genuine thumbs up from one really effortlessly well dressed gal. I also tried to explain it by saying "they wear it on the runway...i wear it at bennington college" but everyone thought I was being pretentious. I was actually making fun of myself...but...I digress. (Sorta LOATHE a lotta ppl here. Sometimes it feels like they are just out to make you feel shitty)

Hey little girl, is yer daddy home?

thats enough for now. When I need to distract my self later I will post about lambskin moto jackets. For now.


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