creepers&corset via the teenage collection, slip via goodwill, 100dens via H&M. Necklaces via thift and vintage.

Dress via forever21, blazer via lil boys section at goodwill

Been rocking the creepies and black lippy lately. Don't know about the lippy but the creepies sure are easier to get around in on my hilly VT campus. MHM

its funny. I asked my dad to send them to me from home (chicago) a couple of weeks ago and during the first week I was wearing them I got all kinda flash backs to my PFR(punkfuckinrock) days. I even made an emo mixtape with a lotta hold steady.

seeing the hold steady soon too. SO RAD.


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rackkandruin said...

Thanks for sending the link. . .it's always interesting to read about lesser known artists who seem to have come up with original concepts first. The only thing i can hope is that Precious got some exposure she might not have otherwise from this whole Hirst thing. xx

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