Lost Weekend

Today is the offical start of "long weekend"or my schools version of spring break. They only give us three weekdays off so everyone here jets down to the city (read: New York City) but us poor folk just stay here in rural vermont, drinking in excess and going on day trips to the mall in albany.
Which is what I did.
I got a white (very a wang, I think) sheer-ish racerback tank and a pair of distressed jean shorts which I plan to DIY a little with my studs left over from studding my blazer. Also, I don't wear that damn blazer enuff.
I went to F21 at the mall, hoping and praying that those booties would still be around...But alas in bumble FUCK, USA they don't even get these booties...aka my summer uniform iz fucked. Whatevs. Also I want bleach. Time for bleach DIYS while I have the time off. Okay? Alright. cool.

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