reminder to myself

Dear Elisa,
Get some over sized men's shirts and write cool shit on them with INK.

also, get bleach and ty-dye one of your millions of pairs of black jeans. K thnx bi.


rackkandruin said...

dude, seriously right? i have so many hanes white v-necks and so many pairs of black jeans. . . black jeans are my uniform. . . i really want to get that orange tie-dye look when bleached. . . i need to get my hands on heavy duty bleach though. when are you coming to burlington?

Queen Of Russia said...

I agree!!

Cool blog, Btw! Really love it.

Yeah. Sometimes you get lost in the blogsphere and forget what real life looks like...(this is in reference to my post about curves and that...)

I appreciate your response, cause no one says it...I mean we all think it I'm sure but...it's fashion. That's just the way it is...

Thanks Fuck for bleach and bandshirts, huh?




rackkandruin said...

i read somewhere that the thicker stuff was better. . . maybe that's if you want to make your black jeans white. i dunno. i'll look into it though cause i want that orange and black look! too bad about burlington, the weather is finally so nice here!! about damn time

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