I have been listening to M. Manson on a loop, for the past week. I think it is REALLY starting to effect the way I dress. I wore a long black dress, my goat's head pendant and spiked booties with straightened hair and black eye makeup...uh oh. My buds said I looked like I was in mourning. Did I mention it was like 85 degrees? eh.

Image wise...I like early manson best...because he just looks awkward and slightly androgynous...but then he got kind of like ghetto goth, which was inventive...but didn't look all that rad.

I saw him in concert once...I wasn't even really into him, I just decided that I SHOULD go since he was coming through town...It was NOT a mistake. It was totally awesome. Maybe if he rolls through chicago or NYC anytime soon I'll take a trip.


rackkandruin said...

i tagged you for a Q and A!

Jade and Laura said...

OMG your totally reppin go gothy go

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