Never mind the obvious inspiration of Marilyn Monroe...It is so refreshing to see a model in a real magazine with curves, look how lovely those are! I suppose it's all about finding the balance between fit and curvy...but I know I've had trouble with body image in the past (and who am I kidding...now as well) and I get a little sick of rail thin sometimes...as attractive as it can be.

I think it is important to remember, for us bloggers, and women in general...because we are so swathed in images of very thin girls that that ideal isn't the only way to be beautiful, and eva proves that.

I was reading a blog today (which will go unnamed) and she was wearing thigh highs which didn't even grip her legs; that's how thin she was. Perhaps she is naturally that thin and then that's fine and great and maybe a little bit of an inconvenience, but if she isn't...if she has an eating disorder...it just goes to show that being skinny sometimes doesn't mean that clothes look good on you, and also...that there is a serious downside to being that thin...and that is being pretty fucking physically sick.

okay okay, rant over!

wait, one more thing...How come magazines always call fat girls "curvy"? They ain't curvy, eva is curvy, I'm curvy...they're fat & as physically unhealthy as too too skinny on purpose gals! Aye carumba!


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I'm in love with this ed!

Well done...

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