Stay Gold

Title stealing (sorry dudes) but it's pretty apt.
This is also the way ALL boys should dress...and all gals skinny enough to pull it off.
I used to have a friend who had a knife with a banner across it that said stay gold. Pretty rad.
Too bad I'm pretty much allergic to tattoos, cuz I think I might have some good ones in mind these days...but after my botched 17 yr old decision I'm not going there again. K? Onto the pictures:


Oh-kay, time to save up for some lick my legs t shirts. They are so beyond rad.


TIANA said...

hahah i love the label "masturbatory material"


MJ said...

This a really great ed, Ash has a really cool look

LHFC said...

the hair is sweet! also everything else about this post.

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