Shamans & ebay

Feeling a change in style coming on. Maybe not though. I really love the look of native american things, or tribal things. It probs comes a little from my anthropology of art class and a little from the "if i had a heart" video by fever ray and maybe a little from the Bjiork wanderlust video. And then a lot from (sorry guys) Apocolypto...the costuming is so beyond rad in that movie.
But how to incorporate this into my personal style? Leather and feathers? Face paint and blouses? Headresses and bootstraps? I don't know. Doesn't feel right.

Probably will try to take this tribal inspiration to the doll zone, and make something for my mom (who is a shaman and think rocks can talk.) We shall see. & uh, as always...I'll keep you posted(zing!).

hellz yes.

(ebay findz, how rad is that shit?)

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