Some things

I have to write a six page paper today and am not feeling it. I am basically annoyed by EVERYONE these days and I think it has less to do with the fact that people are annoying and WAY more to do with the fact that I'm just fed up with my current situation.

My boyfriend is moving to NYC which is exciting (I get to visit NYC on the regular and he is living with someone I really like and care about) but totally heart breaking...(I won't get to be with him/ see him everyday and will be in a long distance relationship ugh)

I'm going home to chicago in a week and a half and I am excited, though I'm not totally sure why...probs because I miss my cat.

I lead an interesting life. (not)

(via fashion gone rogue)


Heavy Metal Fashion said...

Love both the photos!

Yeah boyfriends moving away sucks.

I hate it.

is it your job maybe? When I get fed up with my job I find myself being pretty unhappy.


nat.jane. said...

hey hair crazzzzzy
i love it

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