In the bag...

In the bag: Cell phone, old school pod, key chain w/ 3 lucky rabbit feets, wallet, memo pad for ideas on the go, revlon black cherry lipstick, a little vial of perfume, pen, sunglasses, truvia (addicted), oil pads (a plague, I know) and my school I.D.

Not uber glam, but essential none the less. give or take a bottle of water and a book or two.

4 Melina


Anonymous said...

these rabbit feets are very cute. i want some, too.


Anonymous said...

i love the little rabbit feet, extra lucky haha and we have the same exact phone!

ive been reading "everything's eventual" the collection of short stories, thats where i got the title for the post

somedaynewyorker said...

Cute round sunglasses. They are an amazing shape.

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