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 I dunno?

Uh, that nail polish...I used to hate anything metallic cuz i thought it looked cheep but uh I think in turquoise it looks kinda fly. I also really dig leopard print these days. I bought a romper, and I hate rompers. I wouldn't mind finding that scarf in a thrift store or something...
Also, Louis Garrel. Oh my god. god my god. ennuh. I think I just came. Let me tell you a story: I used to have this thing for this guy, mike pitt. Like, I literally was convinced he was my soul mate, you know, like up until a year ago (jk, at least two years...) so I watch/ed every movie he was ever in including finding forester (like 15 seconds srsly)...anyway, he was in this movie called the dreamers which is good and incesty and frenchish even tho its directed by an Italian. SO ANYWAY, this garrel fellow plays  one half of the incestuous twin pair who seduce mike pitt...and when I saw it I was all wow that guy is hot but oh shit theres mike, man his lips are succulent....
But OH HOW I HAVE GROWN. Yessir. I like my men dark these days, or so it seems...anyway he is french and seems pretty kinky from the roles he chooses and that's all you REALLY need to know. that and I'd give a whole lot to fuck him. I'd slit edward I mean robert pattinson's throat, so you know I'm serious. 

Also, I got the charlie clogs. I have blisters but they feel good cuz I look so effing fly.


Anonymous said...

he looks like a.goodman!

Elba said...

omg amazing!!!! i love the rings!

Rackk and Ruin said...

fucking amazing stream of consciousness there!! I totally ran into Michael Pitt outside of this bar in Burlington, VT (my town) and i realized that he was in this band that had played there earlier in the night. . . it was kinda annoying though because none of my friends knew what i was babbleing about, and i didn't have a blog then. . . so i couldn't get anyone else to realize what a funny, crazy, pillowy-lipped run in it was. Always thought he was a creepy babe too. If you like this french dude you might like the french babe from The Beach (that awesome/weird movie Leo Deo was in years ago) He's also in "Love me if you dare" (well, that's its american title) an amazingly romantic/poppy french movie i watched years and years ago. . . anywho, i can't even explain how hot/dark/handsome the men in Argentina were. . . . I mean COME ON!! Why can't that country share the love=! insanely hot men. fuck.


Louis Garrel in The Dreamers... hiya.

But WHAT is going on with MK's outfit there? It looks like she came straight to that party from someone else's bed, and thought "EEK, I can't wear last night's miniskirt and heels or I'll look like a dirty stopout!"
And the guy said, "Er, well you can't have my jeans cos they're like, my only pair ... how 'bout this tartan sarong that I use to mop up tea stains?" (and worse, by the looks of things.)


PS. Those purple velvet numbers are from Office. I won't tell you how much I paid for them in the sale cos it'l make you sick!

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