Here go sum crazy shit.

So I have this really great theory that I'm totally losing it. Also, I'm completly boy crazy. These two probably go hand in hand. Did I tell y'all that there is some crazy deamon at my school? It's inhabiting everyone, some give over easier than others. I'm dead serious. I think I'm gonna write a short story about it. Okay, without naming names, besides my own, this is what has happened here in the past month, and it's escalating: 10,000 worth of damages to tvs and projectors from some kooks with wrench and violence in their hearts, a split eyebrow from getting a door kicked into a face, 6 or 7 people from bton at a hospital in one night, a slit wrist (sort of accidental), 2 instances of cutting w/out motivation, graffiti all over our arts building, many many blackouts. 
I'm both excited and terrified to see what happens in the next  week and a half. Will it end in tragedy? Worse thing HAVE happened here, but all this stuff in such a short period of time is kinda freeky.
 I think thats why I'm losing it. I feel like my brain is separating at the seams and all I want to do is drink and smoke and fuck.


I went to nyc this weekend for a little reprieve. Thank God. I saw my boyfriend who grounds me like none other. I felt normal for a breif period of time. Then I came back and now I feel manic and crazy again. Its a mystery dood. I also saw ERIN WASSON on the street. She smiled at me. It was amazing. So, I've seen daphne guiness and erin wasson in nyc. What does this summer hold? 

Also I know there are spelling errors in here but I'm too tweaked (on nothing) to care. I'm going to go take advantage of my insanity and draw sum. Pax ya'll.

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emma said...

hahah, drink and smoke and fuck, do you mama

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