Bonestyle II

Ooh-Wee! As promised, another installment of Bonestyle, this time, maybe a little less self indulgent. When I had the idea for this article I immediately wanted to look inside this gal's closet so I'm pumped to bring you Swan freshman, Amira Hankin's favorite pieces. If you've ever seen her around campus, then you know that girl can dress. To me, her wardrobe is this lovely and eclectic mix of things you'd find in your grandmother's attic, well, your really stylish grandma anyway. She actually gets most of her stuff from other people's attics, at estate sales and the famed Alameda flea market in San Francisco. Her pieces are always a little moth-eaten, maybe faded, but exquisite in this aged quality...without further ado:

My mom found it at an antique shop.” She says, visibly stoked about this delicate gem. It was her 19th birthday present, and it's obviously, totally appropriate; both elegant and womanly.

Amira calls these her “little bowling shoes” and they are so quirky. “They're much too big for me and they cracked so I had to fix them up and give them stitches,” she explains, and, indeed, if you look closely you can see a row of perfect stitches in the leather.

I love this dress so much.” Amira's words are breathy and hushed, as if this dress has some sort of power all its own. Amira's devotion to her clothing is undeniable, on this dress she has re-sewn many of the buttons and hems herself. It is, really, quite a unique piece, and worth the effort. It reminds me of coats of arms and medieval times (not the restaurant, duh), which is a strange juxtaposition to this little 50's housewife frock, but, it works.

What can I even say about this sweater? It's effing amazing and lush and this beautiful cafe-creme color. It's real fox fur, and while that's not particularly p.c., it is particularly fabulous looking, and obviously vintage (don't throw red paint on Amira...).

The dress pictured under the sweater is, for me, the real stand out piece. “I love that it's this awful swamp shade of green that only looks good when its actually on people,” and Amira is right. This dress is the ugliest color, and yet, it is totally stunning. It sort of evokes animal print, wood grain and peacock feathers all at the same time, an impressive feat.

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