Basically ADORE these rings by Dannijo. I saw em over at the blog Is Mental. Hows that, two links in two sentences...but I digress. I am really feeling geode type natural stone jewelry right now...I'm in the process(read: being hellof lazy) of making a crystal pendant, which still has all those pointy geode type dillys attached. Hows that for specific?

I remember some time ago I saw some necklaces over at URBN which had this kinda vibe goin on...but I wasn't so much feelin their shape 4 the neck, on a ring though, thats a whole nother story.

Lemme know if anybody sees anything like these beautiful specimens...preferably under 100 dollars. These kittens will set you back 500 bones & I need those bones for them acne moon shoes! LOLZ.

Also speaking of kittens, my moms little cutie, sedona, just got her uturus and claws pried out of her...will see her tomorrow and nurse her little wounds. Poor puss!


EDIT: Spoke 2 soon, ebay is teemin with em!!! under 20!


heleen said...

This had me whispering 'beautifullll' to myself. I'm nuts.

Caterina said...

I like those too. I saw some crystals a while back on necklaces that were in bullet shells, thanks for sharing

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