The Hardware

oh hello. Do you like my provocative pose, it looks sexi but really i was just keeping my hair from flying into my mouth as it has been ninety plus degrees for the past couple of days and HENCE is sit in front of a fan at all times possible. I swearz, next time you see an outfit pic I'll be wearing a fanny pack and holding one of those portable fans with the spray bottles attached that you see moms toting at amusement parks. My prophecy shall come to pass.

I made this diy shoulder chain in all of ten minutes using a necklace I wear around my wrist sometimes and a boot strap. If I can finagle these boot straps into a harness as well I will be really proud. But if I get the am appy job today I suppose I won't have to and can actually afford the real thing (all 20 dollars of it). What do you think...to goth for am appy? No such things you say? I thought so.

oh boy. better get going.

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Lady Death said...

I'm loving it! Looks really well done.

And I know what you mean about the heat... We all start dressing either slutty or disgusting once the temperature rises a little too high (especially when, like me, you don't have air conditioning).

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