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sry I never feel like blogging anymore. I think, umm, well, I certainly dont have too much to contribute, besides spelling mistakes and pretty pictures..and you can git that any ole place. Sister Wolf, who would no doubt h8 me has a pretty funny post about these pictures (save the middle)..and she's right, but i like how confused my eyeballz are. Confused and happy.

Yargh. I'm back in school, so instead of making 8 dollars and hour and being crazy busy I'll be not making money and being crazy busy. At least I can get drunk and exercise my fashion choices here...not necessarily in that order...although...

also my computer has been purring. why?

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Linda said...

This outfits look uncomfortably heavy.

Purring computer? That bother me until it stops. Maybe your computer has been on for a while and it's getting to hot or the fan is not functioning properly.

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