Daphne Guiness

Me, outside MQueen, moments after watching Daphe Guiness teeter out of her black limo in nina ricci's heelless shoes. I was with my boyfriend and as she walked past our conversation went like this:
me: Oh my god...
he: thats daphe guiness
me: I KNOW that.
he: of course you do
me: OH MY GOD.

we then commenced in waiting for her for like 10 minutes, but she didn't reappear and we realized what we were doing was pretty effing creepy.


Anonymous said...

Well, it was Daphne Guinness, so all that creeping was probably normal to her. lol

Anonymous said...

omggg i would have died if i saw daphne guinness!!! and major props to your bf for knowing who she is

also, you live in nyc? sorry if im being a major ditz for just realizing

Anonymous said...

I agree with Emma, I would have died on the spot!!!
You're so lucky!! Love the outfit here :)

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