Something Silly

It's my birthday. I've been sick with the flu and a fever for the past three days and I'm in a rotten mood. I'm sort of stuck in doors as my mother is ill as well...so here's something kitchy and silly to put me in a better mood.

Top Nine Shoes of 2009

Finsk Ponyhair wedge

Osman Yousefzada sculptural wedge shoe

Burberry Prorsum boot, also known as: I die I die.

 Gareth Pugh

A. Wang Spring 2009

Okay, so it turns out my top nine only ended up being a top 5...totes lame I know, but I guess most shoes didn't make that rad of an impression on me. My criteria was this: I want them and would actually wear them.

riveting I know.

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Anonymous said...

hope you feel better! these shoes are all amazing, especially the Gareth Pughs, ive been in love with them since they came out

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