Evil Knevil

These are my two favorite looks from the label Evil Twin...as seen over at the designer's blog, Platinum Evil. Personally, I am basically dying over the prints. I didn't post it, but there is a JUST BEAUTIFUL semi floral/almost tie dye/boho chic/monet etc etc print, just roughed up enough with leather and black...and even alone, it is still beautiful.

The first look reminds me of those "notebooks". Perfectly teen, perfectly nineties, totally flawless.

The second look was the first dress I was drawn to...The print is totally mindblowing (click on it to see it up close) and the cut looks so beyond flattering...

Not that I would ever be able to afford these clothes...but I wonder when and when they will be available...they are so so beautiful...this girl has some serious talent...

again, check it at P.E.


Jodes said...

Thank you!

I have amended the post with delivery months if you are based in Australia and I will have an online supplier soon if you aren't!


Jodes said...

Oh...ha ha i forgot to mention pricing....every thing is between $39.95 and $199.99 Australian!

So yes, you can afford it sweet!


Caterina said...

love it, i want the dress that looks like it is from pretty woman

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