Long haired freaky people need not apply

This is how i currently feel. I just had to FIGHT to get an interview at my old job...a sandwich shop only a few stepz up from subway. NOT very glamorous. Shit, being a student (aka seasonal worker) and in a recession (the dreaded r word) is really taking its toll. I actually cried today about not having a summer job. REDICK. PS. American apparel was this close to hiring me but a friend of mine worked at the store...since when is that a mark against you? Still keeping my fingers crossed for that one...but at this point, I'll take any steady paycheck.

White or wheat guys? (I hope, aka I don't even have this shit in the bag yet)

Hah. Just got a call for a second interview @ am appy. What a cry baby I am. Wish me luck.

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Lady Death said...

Good luck!!!

Unfortunately, I doubt that they would hire a creepy mummified shrunken head, but you never know! lol

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